I Looked For You

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I wondered and waited for you…

I wondered who would show up, I wondered who would stand.

I wondered if my words or calls for help would bring you to us. I worried my anguished voice would just fall flat.

I looked for you; I searched through the faces to see if there was someone, that one unexpected person to stand with me because they see and despise the injustices too.

I looked for someone to say, I heard you.

I looked for you to hold my hand while I cried about our babies being shot or strangled, then tossed away like litter.

I willed you to come to my side while we spoke about the broken promises and horrors that are inflicted on all my relations because we refuse to die off for the convenience of Canadian business moguls.

I silently begged you to show up for every possible…

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Detective who investigated Pickton farm returns after 14 years

“If they really want to do this right and stop more Indigenous women from being targeted and stop violence against all Indigenous people, then they need time, money and [will have to] look in all the dark corners of the justice system, social services, education, the residential schools’ legacy, racism in Canada — everything.”

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