H’ah-uk-ish maht mahs – All Nations Are Strong


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss

Truth is healing
Truth is freedom
Truth is empowering
Only then can we rise up n be strong again!

Ash Deluce  In a time of universal deceit ~ telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss
It’s now time to reverse that

Ash Deluce Indeed. Time is long overdue for unveiling truths. From one survivour to another, I thank you for your posts as of late. Inspirational! May we all continue to hold each other near and far as we rise up and give voice to this.


Qaamina Hunter Koot day

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Koot morning

Qaamina Hunter Beautiful day

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss The birds are chirping


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Nov.4 2017 Amos Baker potlatch

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Yw…..I post what is real…..

2017 is a major new change year!

Terry Tom Sr. It’s up to the people to rise and show the truth

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss It’s happening already too


Austin Ed Jorg We walk in “Truth”!!

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Exactly Chief…..


Austin Ed Jorg Hish shook ish maht mahs h’hah uk. Means all tribal nations are strong

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Love it Chief…..
Maht mahs means all nations?
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Maht mahs hhah-uk
All nations are strong

Austin Ed Jorg Yaulthmuk Hacumiss yes


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss That’s it Chief! That’s my program name

Austin Ed Jorg H’ah Uk ish Maht Mahs

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss What does the ish part mean Austin Ed Jorg

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss
H’ah-uk-ish maht mahs




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