Billy Mills, Lakota, breaks the tape in the 10,000-meter run to take gold in the 1964 Olympics. (Official Marine Corps Photo}

The story of the Oglala Lakota runner is legendary and includes Olympic gold in historic fashion

Carey Price 2

Powerful Words from Montreal Canadians Goaltender Carey Price, a proud member of the Anahim Lake First Nation in BC

“If you have not spent any time in a First Nations community and listened to their stories then you have NO RIGHT to pass judgement on them.

Racism is TAUGHT, please be mindful of your “opinions” and think about how you came to your conclusions about our First Nations peoples. Canada was NOT discovered, it was invaded.

I am sick of the ignorant stereotypes and lack of respect and empathy that many have for First Nations. Our history is based on lies and omits many truths from coast to coast. The Federal Government with no apologies or accountability for the wrong doings and pain another generation survived in Residential School, that is not something you simply “get over” – educate yourselves before taking the cop out road of ignorant stereotyping.

The truth is that the recent past and current oppression is still effecting our First Nations and the road to healing is not going to happen overnight, but what CAN happen overnight is the way we all acknowledge the wrong doings, the way we listen to their stories in order to give them closure and help them heal, we all deserve to have a sense that we all matter and are all respected.

The road forward is long and it is not easy but together we rise.”

— Carey Price, Dakelh




Jim Thorpe

Shouldn’t Jim Thorpe’s gold medals be officially recognized?

via Shouldn’t Jim Thorpe’s records officially recognized?


Fred Sasakamoose

Frederick (Fred) George Sasakamoose, hockey player, Elder of Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation
born 25 December 1933 at Whitefish Lake, now Big River First Nation, SK

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Fred Saskamoose 1


Jordin Tootoo PSA:

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