Thinking About Healing in 2017


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss thinking about healing for all of us in 2017 .

Truth similar situations we face…

This is for all FNs and Canadians too! It’s a Society colonization problem (not an Indian problem)!!!!
We are all so stuck in this residential school syndrome, colonization and lateral violence cycles. Our entire family has fallen to pieces since dad and mom are gone now too then an uncle is exposed for sexual abusing several nieces as children…..then aunties/sisters choose to protect the predator????
This we must face head on is what late daddy taught me. Dad n mum so deeply loved all their nieces n nephews, children and grandchildren
We must move on, heal ourselves, heal families and nations
I pray cry n pray every morning for our grandchildren and the unborn are the ones that I get up every day for……what kind of life will we leave for them?
And the governments, churches and general public… have so much healing to do also!
TRC 94 recommendations for starters!

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Jolleen Dick this is part of reconciliation healing that needs to be done….
It’s a Society problem based on colonization and still happening to this day!
Riane DaSilva You are brave and courageous. Keep speaking truth! Change comes slowly, but it only comes when we keep speaking truth. Love and strength to you.
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I’m tired of waiting for something to be done by all those paid professionals for decades now! Smh


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