Tiichma – love n healing for all of us


Sexual Abuse

Pm from one of my aunties….bullying me….
Not ok….to bully n protect abusers….
Shame on you that protect abusers!!!!
This is why our nation’s are so sick 😷
We all need healing in 2017

From so called aunty supporting abusers…
Talk is just that ,you need to prove all this happened to you instead of posting this on FB ,you were very rude to your auntie at the elders healing conference , people have been talking about the horrible outburst you did especially at a elders get together ,that was disrespectful ,you do nothing but hurt or try to destroy your family ,, you should go to counseling ,there you can talk whatever you want ,I don’t appreciate what you put on FB ,you need to be more considerate to other people’s feelings ,I’ve dealt with my abuse but when things like your posting keep coming up ,things can start surfacing for other people ,we don’t need to see this on FB ,go see councillor ,you will get help

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I have used no names at all…but still get bullied…and all my posts are meant to be general because all our nation’s suffer from sexual abuse…..incest n pedophiles too!

Sandy MacDonald It’s common everywhere – and protected everywhere. The attempt to sew up the mouths of survivors is also everywhere.

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss It’s been in us all to cover up abuse for how long????
Alana Claplanhoo What about locking the predators up & throwing away the frikkin key??
El Cee Jones Awe. I too have been assaulted in more ways than one. However to me. It doesn’t bring triggers etc. I feel it only makes people aware of those horrible things are not ok. And I believe it would encourage people to seek help if needed. No harm here. Ilu. And I thank you for your care and understanding n love too 💕.
doesn’t bring triggers etc. I feel it only makes people aware of those horrible things are not ok. And I believe it would encourage people to seek help if needed. No harm here. Ilu. And I thank you for your care and understanding n love too 💕.

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss So many have been abused…we must stop this now in 2017!

El Cee Jones Yes. We must protect our people. And pray people open their eyes. This is not the way of living our lives a long long time ago. We know where it came from. Now yes we must stop the cycle. For sure!


Sandy MacDonald Locking them up does not fix the system that created these problems. It only finds someone to blame, and allows the machine to grind on.


El Cee Jones Healing. Stop the cycle. I am Not putting blame on anyone. Jus pray for our people. Help one another. Lift one another up.
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss It is really time of great healing for all of us in 2017 Can you feel it’s an intense need for all of us
El Cee Jones Tis ok to put my comments. Up. Great idea !

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss This is all good healing n learning

Corinnejustin Whitford So true!! Shouldn’t protect abusers!!
Lynn Grover Hugs, there are so many things that need healing and sadly some of those things are SO HORRIBLE FOR VICTIMS because of others struggling/or unability to see hard truths that are shared. This is a Global problem that is creating SO MUCH SUFFERING & HARM TO PEOPLE/CHILDREN THAT HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH ALREADY. KEEP YOUR LIGHT SHINING, HOWEVER FOR IT IS GREATLY NEEDED.
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Stand in your truth lady
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I’m doing this for our grandchildren….because it must end in 2017!
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie I so often hear we need move workshops however I believe people need to be accountable one family at a time for as long as it is needed . Our families won’t heal if they are just bandaids and if the whole family hasn’t done the work things will keep festering

Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Our system is still set up to kill the Indian just in a different way to break our family values and traditions down until we have illness suicide anxiety and pain with ridiculous budgets so small that have so many guidelines and restrictions our treatment centers are a start of healing for some and just continued pain for others that need something way deeper full family treatment I wish we had that in the long house as long as we needed one family at a time or down the islands

Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie
I wish that the nihb covered this
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Exactly….totally agree Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie I have a website that covers all that n more www.iisaakteachings.com

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I have new model program ready to go….a pilot program to heal thru cultural practices values to regain more of who we are and heal as individuals, families n communities nations. Includes concrete action plans. Spoke with Patricia Hall up north….I may start up there first!

Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Start where ever you are heard

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Yes….where I am valued
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Sometimes those hard teaching need to be from one of us but not in our area

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I been developing this over many years…….
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Put it to work
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie It is of no value in a book
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I am….we are so desperately need it!
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Use it
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I am….in process!
It’s gonna happen no doubt!
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss I’m also planning a potlatch n running Vs specialty school. But I’m on it!
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie Awesome
Peterson Williams Gail Ritchie I look forward to it
Yaulthmuk Hacumiss People don’t realize how my brain n heart never shut down for the love of our people



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