Truth Heals: we as kuu-us are so doing things incorrectly


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss

Truth heals
Living in lies keeps our nation’s sick.
2017 is our year to heal and live in truth!

Maaq Mack Aho!


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Time for really big changes!

Antoinette Marley Absolutely!!

Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Time to return to living in Truth

 Antoinette Marley


Lorraine Williams True

Austin Ed Jorg Good one


 Eli Edgar Yes agreed, thing is if I speak the truth I am being disrespectful and told to speak the truth to heal well one can never win speak the truth to do good by ones self and speak the truth and one is disrespectful.


Yaulthmuk Hacumiss Time to get out of this society mask we are forced to live by and return to the truthful way of living our ancestors talked about ….my Nan always said when she was alive….we as kuu-us are so doing things incorrectly.


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