Wet’suwet’en: Mooniowuck have to examine their past.



by Maskwasis Boysis  — 2020-01-16

Most ppl in this country ARE NOT ACTIVELY RACIST but they are INDOCTRINATED, PROGRAMMED and CONDITIONED by the imperialist, capitalistic, patriarchal, colonial system of white supremacy, that gives them asymmetrical power and unwarranted privilege.

The current system/establishment was built to stack the deck in their favor and oppress indigenous people. Just being born white in a system/country built on white supremacy gives them a choice between conserving it/pledging allegiance to it or rejecting it and being an anti racist activist.

(The very foundations of this country were built on the invasion/colonization of this land and the attempted extermination, genocide, slavery, manipulation, control and assimilation of its indigenous population.)

They are taught thru christianity (doctrine of discovery) that it was OK to murder, rape and steal from the uncivilized “heathens” who inhabited the Americas. That their god gave any white christian “divine rights” to these land’s over any “heathen”. Thru images of violent, drunken, thieving natives on television/movies, thru every negative story of natives manufactured by the media, thru history books that portray us as violent neandrathals, thru schools that don’t teach the crimes of this country against its first peoples, thru every racist joke, thru negative stereotypes, etc to hold prejudiced views, resentment, fear, insecurities and hatred towards aboriginal ppl.

Subconsciously overtime it sinks into their psyches that all natives are dangerous, violent, dirty, stupid, uncivilized, jobless, lazy, drunken, heathens..

Their ignorance about Indigenous issues and indigenous history is a result of dehumanizing colonial propaganda, miseducation or under education on the subjects.

As Phil Fontaine who is a former National Chief, Assembly of First Nations, points out: “Aboriginal peoples are commonly thought of as lazy, less bright, prone to substance abuse and crime. They are thought of as less civilized, and in many ways less human. These stereotypes are eschewed by many in their promotion of seemingly rational arguments to explain the relative position of Aboriginal peoples in Canada today. The use of negative stereotypes combined with the denial of racism suggests that the inferiority of Aboriginal peoples is systemic, but their discrimination is not.

Aboriginal peoples are thus often seen as the problem, or the cause, rather than the victims. In addition, attempts which have been made to correct the current situation are viewed by many in the population as discriminatory and creating ‘special rights’ for a minority group, which serves to further contribute to feelings of resentment towards Aboriginal populations.”

While Indigenous kids in residential schools were taught that they were savage and they were heathens and they were violent, Canadians were taught the exact same thing and they were taught to feel superior, and that they had a sort of duty to control Indigenous people in every way.

Their words and their actions potentially help to uphold that culture. Taking up space to talk about how non-racist they are upholds white supremacist culture and centers whiteness. Placing their offense, their hurt feelings, before the discussion of the racist issues centers whiteness and upholds white supremacist culture. These acts stifle discussion, silence education and uphold white supremacist culture.

The balance of power is too far swung in their favour. Their intent is often not to listen or learn, but to exert their power, to prove me wrong, to emotionally drain me, and to rebalance the status quo.

Its not surprising to see how some mooniowuck comment and act towards indigenous ppl. They have been conditioned and taught that they conquered our ppl and stole our lands and resources for themselves. That we deserved everything that happened to us or that if they hadn’t done it then someone else would have..
They believe that white ppl are superior, more powerful, that they are the “good guys” in this story, that they are our saviors and are more deserving of the spoils.

Some of them don’t even see a problem with their racism, ignorance, hatred, eurocentric/colonialistic ideologies and behaviours because its normal for them and deeply ingrained in the foundation’s of KKKanada.
(They are morally corrupted)

The so called “INDIAN PROBLEM” was the mere fact that native ppl EXISTED!
We were seen as an infestation, an obstacle to the spread of “civilization”– that is to say, the spread of european. (Eurocentrism) And later Canadian/American economic, social and political interests.

From the inception of this nation, white supremacist ideology was used to justify genocide and slavery.
Slavery, attempted extermination, residential schools, mass incarceration and centuries of systematic racism all happened under the star-spangled banner and the maple leaf.

It wasn’t a mob of racists that released a racist killer (Gerald Stanley) onto the streets — it was 12 regular Canadians selected to be jurors.

These are Canadians who have lived their entire lives hearing excuses for why they don’t need to care about natives. Why care about tainted drinking water on reserves? “Those greedy chiefs are probably taking the money, those Indians need to sort themselves out first.” For every problem that Indians face in this country, there is a ready excuse, a fig leaf, to shield Canada from blame.
White Canada is not to be held responsible for what has happened to Indigenous people. Our textbooks and white Canadians largely ignore the history of colonial policies by Canadian governments that have left indigenous people in a state of systemic oppression.

But do you want to know what worries me? It’s not that a group of racist idiots lit some tiki torches and decided to have a rally or that thousands of canadians are displaying their racism on every article written about anything indigenous on every online media source.
Im worried that the next day they went back to their job in human resources and decided who gets hired and who gets fired. They put their uniform back on to ‘serve and protect.’ They sit on a jury and decide the fate of a young person of color. They teach in a kindergarten class. They sit across from a couple, who came to this country, worked hard and saved, and have the power to approve or deny them a loan to purchase their first home. They decide an insurance claim. They give an estimate to repair the brakes on a mother’s only mode of transportation to get to work each day.

I don’t stay up late lamenting the fact that racists feel emboldened to parade in the street or make racist comments online.
I stay up because racists have, do, and will apply their racist beliefs in their daily lives and, by extension mine, and they don’t do it carrying a banner to distinguish themselves as racists or wearing a swastika.

Many argue that Canada’s endeavours in the field of human rights and its strong stance against racism have only resulted in a more politically correct population who have learnt to better conceal their prejudices. In effect, the argument is that racism in Canada is not being eliminated, but rather is becoming more covert, more rational, more deeply imbedded in our institutions and in the trump era they feel emboldened to commit acts of violence and make racist comments against people of color.

Today we have to collectively change.

Native ppl need to recognize our oppression, decolonize and heal.

Mooniowuck have to examine their past.
Face the problems they have created within themselves and within other’s. They must no longer project their fears onto other groups, races or countries and before they can relate to others they must forgo the pleasure of defining them.

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